B2B SEO | Google Hummingbird and Beyond

B2B SEO | Google Hummingbird and Beyond.


What does Google’s new approach to search mean to you.

by Michael Andrew Westfall

To take advantage of this new environment, one must first put yourself in Google’s shoes. The monolithic search market juggernaut is on a crusade to continue its core brand strategy as the only true innovator in its space. Ask, what would I do if I were trying to maintain this lofty status as the world’s leading provider of information – With this in mind we can better understand the motives and derive some context from the ever-so-vague and nebulous explanations we get from Google’s search team and leadership alike.

|1| Wouldn’t you like search engines like Google to present users with the most personal and relevant results and data possible? Even if it means keeping large amounts of personal data?




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