(Infographic) Life of a Hashtag #SEO

Activities and influencers of #SEO

SEO Infographic as it relates to twitter

#SEO Appeared 306,818 Times this past month

This information is a snapshot in time, detailing the most influential twitter users mentioning this hashtag on its first, peak, and last appearence in the past month. Their influence level is determined by the number of followers.


#SEO Quick Tip:

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of increasing the volume and quality of traffic to your web site from search engines via search results pages. The closer to page 1 a website returns in search results, the more new visitors it will get from search engines. Returning on page one for a specific word or phrase can increase traffic by thousands of visitors a month. A few keys to seo: 1.Add text to your website. Lots and lots of good old hand pounded text. If you sell 1000 different things you need to describe every one of them(better get typing). Any old text will not do. You need to focus your text to match your page(file) names. 2.File names are very important. Pages, pictures, audio… everything should be named with your keyword research in mind. 3.Create a solid network. 4.Update your site regularly & make sure it’s code is w3 standards compliant.


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