Father’s Day photography gift ideas

Father’s Day photography gift ideas

If you need a nifty photography gift for dad, check out my list below:

GoPro HD Hero2 — Nothing says fun and video photography more than GoPro. This camera, which was once under the radar as a cult-action sport video camera, has become mainstream. GoPro is now found at stores like Target and Costco along with most camera retailers. The camera shoots video, still and time-lapse photography and goes just about anywhere: biking, kayaking, surfing, skateboarding, skiing and snowboarding. It’s really only up to your imagination where GoPro Hero2 can be mounted. The camera is priced at $299 and is available in outdoor, motor sports and surf editions. Other attachments for the GoPro include the LCDE BacPac for $79, which gives you an LCD screen to view your action, and the newest WiFi Combo Kit for $99.99 to view the action over Wi-Fi and an iPhone app.

P-Sharan STD-35 35mm Pinhole Camera Kit — If you’re feeling the need to get back to your photography roots, you miss the simple satisfaction of film, a box, and a pinhole to capture images, this camera kit will be perfect for you. Assemble your own cardboard pinhole camera in under two hours without cutting or glue. The P-Sharan  uses 35mm film with a pinhole as its lens. It really brings shooting photographs to its basic form. Don’t expect to get any super-sharp images, you’re turning back the clock. Remember, you will need to get the film processed and scanned if you want to make digital images. The pinhole camera kit costs $26.99.

Nikon D3200 Camera — Nikon’s entry-level camera at a $699.99 price tag is a perfect gift for the dad looking for an upgrade to an old point-and-shoot or cellphone camera. Take your photos and videos to the next level with its 24.2 megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor and  HD 1080p movie quality. This camera should handle most photo enthusiast’s needs. It includes the 18-55mm AF-S DX zoom-nikkor lens, but consider adding the 55-200mm AF-S DX Vr zoom-nikkor telephoto lens for an additional $249 for sports and portraits.
Leica V-Lux 40 Camera — No Father’s Day photo gift list should exclude a Leica. Really, nothing says I love you more than giving one of these to pops. Though it may not be the most practical gift like a tie, mouse pad or keychain, it’s the ultimate in photo cool. And, as I try to be reasonable in my gift giving suggestions, I went with the Leica V-Lux 40. Look for it to be priced around $700. The camera has a 15.3 megapixel sensor, HD 1920 x1080 video, a 20x zoom (24 mm to 480 mm,  in 35mm equivalent),  and a 3-inch LCD touch screen. Sure you’re spending more per feature, but your point-and-shoot shiny black-finished camera with the small,  round Leica logo seems to say it all.

SpyderCube — Old school meets new school here. If you’re the type who still uses a gray card to get the color temperature under control to achieve a perfect absolute black, white and gray tone in your image for color correction, well then, this might be the answer. While it looks like something you should hang from your rearview mirror or what a hypnotist might use, the SpyderCube is an all-in-one, easy-to-carry answer for fine-tuning color correction of your image with Lightroom, Aperture or Photoshop. The Datacolor SpyderCube is priced at $54.

Think Tank Airport International V 2.0 Rolling Camera Bag — What photographer doesn’t need a nice case for traveling with all your gear? This rolling bag is sized for USA and international carry-on along with TSA-style combination locks and  features an array of security cables and compartments for a variety of cameras and lenses. The camera bag is customizable to carry a variety of gear including cameras, strobes and lenses up to a 300mm f2.8. The rolling bag costs $349.75.

Fujitsu S1300 SnapScan — While it’s not a camera gadget, it is my favorite organization tool. It’s small, requiring very little space on your desk, but it’s the ultimate scanner for paperwork and receipts. Just drop in your documents and turn them into PDF for electronic organizing. The scanner, which works with Mac or PC, scans up to eight pages per minute along with double-sided multi-page scanning and it holds up to 10 pages in the automatic tray. The ScanSnap S1300 Color Personal Scanner costs $295.



One thought on “Father’s Day photography gift ideas

  1. Hello Robert!

    I just wanted to add another one to the gift list and tell you about our awesome gadget that is for photographers of every level. 🙂 The Hufa Holder lens cap clip was designed by photographers after they had, like many other photographers do, lost a TON of lens caps. The nifty little device just clips right on your strap and keeps your cap in place while you’re shooting! Turns out, we lose a whole lot less lens caps this way! 🙂 This also works no matter what camera you are using. Here is a video for you to check it out http://bit.ly/Nu7FPx. Thanks again for sharing your ideas! Hope you’ll check out our gadget when you get a chance.

    Have a great day,


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