If You Are Such a Good SEO, Why Don’t You Rank #1 for “SEO”?

If You Are Such a Good SEO, Why Don’t You Rank #1 for “SEO”?

If You Are Such a Good SEO, Why Don’t You Rank #1 for “SEO”?

D’oh! I hate this question. The best way to answer this question is to be

honest. For example, the reason SEOmoz doesn’t rank #1 for SEO is

largely because the word SEOmoz does not break down into two real

words. Thus, seobook.com ranks above them because when it, receives a link with the anchor text “seobook,” Google knows the word can be broken down into “seo” and “book.” This is different than a name like SEOmoz because “moz” isn’t a word, so the link goes to SEOmoz, not “SEO” and “moz.”

The other reason is that this SERP is dominated by big name domains,

not necessarily the most qualified domains. It is similar to how even though

Nordstrom and Zappos.com might provide the best customer service in

retail, they don’t rank highly for the term “customer service retail.”

Likewise, even though NASA is the most qualified entity on

earth (and beyond?) about spaceships, it doesn’t rank in the top ten for


And finally, one reason that the vast majority of good SEOs don’t rank

particularly well for SEO-related terms is that they’re so busy working with

clients that they have very few resources to allocate to working on their own


Instead of prospects questioning your own firm’s rankings, convince the

prospective client to question your existing clients, read your case studies

and articles, and to get a feel for what it’s like to be a client of yours. Those

are a much more accurate predictor of your prospect’s results than your

own firm’s rankings for SEO.

Be sure that your collateral material is current, your references are

glowing (and ready to talk about you), and that you have case studies

and references that match up with your prospect’s general business

type, such as “B2B manufacturing.”


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